Public sector solutions

Safewhere helps public-sector organisations solve the challenge of providing convenient access to a growing number of digital services for employees, partners and citizens, while also meeting user demands and regulations for protection of sensitive data.

Safewhere Identify makes it possible to effectively control and monitor users’ access rights to all public-sector services, data and applications.

Moreover, with Safewhere Identify public-sector organisations can introduce the right balance between secure authentication and usability, choosing from a variety of social and government/national authentication methods to create single sign-on.

Safewhere has a very strong track record with municipalities, ministries and other public-sector organisations. Check out our customer stories for inspiration on how we can help you solve your identity and access management challenges.

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Private sector solutions

Safewhere understands the need for secure, effective identity management across the extended company and its mobile and cloud environments to improve employee productivity and optimize the user experience for partners and customers.

Safewhere Identify offers a single point of authentication and authorisation for all users and applications and provides employees, business partners and customers easy one-click access to corporate applications from any device.

To further reduce access barriers to their digital services and boost conversion rates, companies can choose from an unlimited number of authentication methods, including social logins.

Explore our customers stories to learn how other companies are using Safewhere Identify to solve even their most complex identity and access management challenges.

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private sector solutions
internal users

Solutions for employees

Employees have an increasing number of passwords they need to remember – both to on-premises and cloud based applications.

To avoid forgetting all their passwords, they will either reuse them, use very simple passwords or even write them down — which can represent a great threat to your organization’s information security. Further, your organization might end up losing productivity when your employees cannot access the applications and services they need to do their work. This again puts a strain on your help desk where password reset costs can take up to 40% of the cost.

It has therefore become crucial to have an identity platform that can secure your employees’ access to on-premises and cloud based applications as well as enable them to fast and easily access all their applications and services from any device as well as reset their passwords when and where needed.

With Safewhere Identify you can achieve this and much more. Identify enables all your employees to access all your digital information, applications and services using all login methods. Identify will also allow your employees to reset their corporate password using a self-service website, which will lower your help desk costs. With these two solutions, Identify will contribute to your employees’ user experience and your organization’s information security level.

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Solutions for partners

Providing an easy sign on and registration process for partners has become a competitive factor.

They expect a simple and easy sign on and registration process for your websites that works across all their devices. If this is not the case they may abandon the registration process or simply stop using your services and applications. On top of this you need to make sure that everything is secure to avoid any identity breaches or loss of data. Managing the identities of external users has become very complex.

With Safewhere you will be on top of this as our Identify platform secures your customers’ or partners’ identity and data while at the same time providing them with a fast, simple and easy registration and sign on process. With Safewhere you can leave this all this to us and concentrate on what you do best.

Our Identify platform provides secure access to any cloud or on-premises application using any login method such as corporate network, social logins and government identity solutions. Identify also enables you company to quickly integrate and deploy new applications and services as well as minimize the risk of security breaches.

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